Course Registration

Course Registration Policies and Procedures

Please Note:  The online MyLynx Web Registration Guide is available here.  To download a PDF of the MyLynx Web Registration Guide, click h ere.

All Lincoln College students work closely with their assigned academic advisor to register for classes  in their chosen campus program. In all campus programs, registration for summer classes and fall semester classes begins in March of each year; registration for spring semester classes begins in October of each year. Students should register early since class sizes are limited. Course registration procedures differ slightly between the campus programs as indicated below.


Course Credit Loads

Students may enroll at Lincoln College on either a full-time or a part-time basis. For the purpose of enrollment verifications, the following definitions apply for each campus program:


Course Additions/Drops/Withdrawals

Students are primarily responsible for management of their course registrations and the making of adjustments to their course schedule subject to academic advisor approval. Policies governing changes to a student’s schedule are detailed below. Students should be aware that changes in the number of credit hours for which a student is registered may impact the student’s status as full- or part-time, tuition and fees charges, financial aid eligibility including satisfactory academic progress, eligibility for on-campus housing, and the timeline for degree completion. All students should consult with the appropriate offices to determine the effect of a change in credit hour registration.


Procedures and timelines for adding/dropping/withdrawing from a course vary between campus programs according to the nature of the delivery format of the campus program as indicated below: